"Coach" at Purdue Coach John Wooden Coach on the sidelines at UCLA game
Wooden Way Leadership

A Business Management Seminar Based on the Leadership Principles of the "Coach of the Century"


Seminar Description

Who Should Attend

Who Should Attend

Bill Kane conducting seminar

The "Wooden Way" is featured within the Advanced Leadership Development Program at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Most seminars about organizational coaching and team building are by some "flavor of the month" executive or consultant intent upon memorializing the latest corporate conquest. 

This Seminar is Unique

In what might be considered an analytical and pragmatic expansion of the coaching principles outlined in Be Quick But Don't Hurry, this seminar further explores the innovative and inspirational teachings of Coach Wooden such that the attendee will discover the step-by-step process behind implementing replicable organizational systems with an internal focus based upon process, discipline, quality and timeless values. We accomplish this in an interactive session that shares the Coach's perspective, relevant business experiences, human resources guidance, case studies and anecdotes, and managerial scar tissue.

And you need not know a thing about sports or basketball to appreciate the design or application of this individual and collective performance-enhancing paradigm.

This seminar is intended for a broad business audience seeking to augment their personal and organizational effectiveness and leadership and team-building skills.  Ideal prospective participants include MBA students, Human Resources professionals, Organizational Development practitioners, supervisors, managers, and aspiring/fast-track executives.